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Workers in workplace are covered by various insurances that their company may have taken for the various aspects of their business, including that of their workers well-being and compensation.

The workers themselves can avail of insurances that suit their diverse needs to help protect them during accidents and untoward events in the workplace that may injure or harm them.

On the other hand, what if the people involved are not real workers of the company but people who are working there to gain experience in their chosen field and are not receiving any kind of salary or wage. What protection should they obtain to cover them in case of injury, theft, damages which are not covered under the usual insurance which usually covers this part of the businesses.

What is Work Experience Insurance?

Work Experience Insurance provides protection at work for people who render service for a business just to gain experience for future work references. There are two categories of these types of Insurance.

  • Business Insurance - provide coverage for business whose intent is to make the work place a safe environment for its workers. Most companies offering this type of coverage also include protection for people who work for free in a business, just to gain experience.

  • Personal Insurance - the unpaid worker can personally take out an insurance of this sort to protect himself while working for free in a business. The concerned unpaid worker shoulders the payment of the premiums from his own pocket.

Who are eligible to apply for this plan?

  • People, usually fresh graduates, who work for a company for the mere reason of gaining experience which is necessary for them to be competitive in the real world. These people do not receive any compensation and thus shall be eligible to apply for this type of insurance.

  • Companies which are letting people work for their company without payment and just want to give them the hard-earned experience they are looking for can also apply for this type of coverage for these people.

What is required for the application to this plan?

Before applying for Work Experience Insurance, an individual or a company should initially get an understanding of how this plan works and what a particular policy will cover. Typically, Australian companies require that a worker had already rendered at least two weeks service before being made eligible for this kind of insurance. Nonetheless, there are still companies who require otherwise such as making it a one month service requirement. Some companies who are engaged in some other various industries may make different policies regarding this.

What is covered under this plan?

Many students find themselves unable to find work immediately after graduation due to lack of experience in their chosen field of endeavour. Thus, many of them work for large companies for free in exchange for the much needed work experience.

Accidents can happen in the workplace that involves seasoned employees. More so with people who are there to gain the necessary work-experience. Since these workers are not covered by the usual insurance, the Work Experience Insurance can minimise the problems of the company as well as the individual concerned during the times that accident occurs wherein a worker who is there to gain experience is injured, lost their valuable belongings or some harm befall on them while at work.

Thus, Work Experience Insurance covers for the protection of people working for no compensation in case of injury, damage or loss of any personal valuables at work.

People who work under this condition are not covered by the usual typical insurance. For their protection at work, obtaining this kind of insurance will help them as well as the company they work for, mitigate the effects in case something arises that puts the concerned worker at risk.

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