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Traveling domestically or internationally, whether it's for work-related or holiday getaway, should be enjoyable and hassle-free to make the most of it. However, we know that there are certain risks associated with travel that cannot be avoided sometimes considering the uncertain weather, theft or other fortuitous events that are beyond your control. You might met some undesirable incidents with the airline during travel, have your stuff stolen, trips delayed to unforeseen disasters and weather changes, injuries and damages resulting from events during your travel. These incidents are situations that you might simply not have been prepared for financially and emotionally thus creating unbelievable problems and stress for you.

Why obtain Travel Insurance?

You want to make your travel or holiday as enjoyable as possible and the only way to do this is to obtain the most suitable Travel Insurance for you. This insurance is not part of the fare or booking fee you have paid to your travel agency. Making sure that you are prepared for the effects of the events that will most probably affect your travel is a good measure. Health bills are quite expensive outside Australia. Thus obtaining an insurance that will protect you when you travel outside Australia will help you make the best out of the situation is quite appropriate.

What type of Travel Insurance should you obtain?

You just cannot obtain a Travel Insurance recommended by a friend or colleague because your needs are different. To obtain the best policy that will suit your needs, you need to assess your requirements and assess the existing policies available in the market to ascertain which suits you the most. In cases where your scheduled trip is cancelled at the last minute for some reason or where your trip is delayed and you are stranded in a place without extra money, the right Travel Insurance can be the best thing that you will ever give to yourself.

What are the types of Travel Insurance to choose from?

  • Annual or Business Insurance provides coverage for people who travel frequently

  • Australians Already Overseas - for Australians who are already living overseas

  • Australian Domestic Travel insurance- for Australians living within the country

  • Non-resident/Visitors to Australia

  • Seniors Travel Insurance

  • Medical, Budget and Rescue Insurance

Who are eligible to apply for such insurance?

Australian residents who are traveling locally or outside the country can apply for the type of Travel Insurance that will fit their specific needs.

People who are non-residents of Australia to visit the country can also obtain Travel Insurance for their protection. However, non-resident Australians who have pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered under such plan.

What is the duration of the coverage?

The date of the application's approval and process is the start of the policy. Typically, there is no backdating of policies and any extension of travel dates by the insured should be relayed to the company before the expiration of the Travel Insurance to facilitate the organization of the extension or issuance of a new policy.

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