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If you are the type of person who loves to travel or wants to spend your holidays at some distant exotic destination, chances are you make your travel arrangement with the help of travel agencies. Doing the intricate work of booking flights for yourself and your family, scheduling guided tours, handling accommodations at various hotels, hiring rented cars to ferret you to your diverse destinations and other aspects of traveling can be very taxing. Thus handing the work out to your Travel agents would be friendlier to your nerves and eliminates the headache of having to do all the work yourself.

What is Travel Agent Insurance?

Whether you will be traveling locally or internationally, there would always be some risks involved that would include damages, theft, injuries and some other effects of fortuitous events. When you prepare for your travel through a travel agency, your booking fees do not include coverage for crisis situations which will help you surmount the effects when you are on travel. Although some travel agencies may offer you insurance to cover basic protection for travel, it would do you go good to conduct research on the prices of such product in the market. Thus, it is a good move to purchase an insurance that will provide you the necessary protection for emergency situations that will crop up relative to your travel. This type of insurance will ensure that you will have adequate protection in case of medical bills and other expenses to dispense whenever trouble arises during your travel.

What is covered under this policy?

Depending on your needs, you can choose from several types of this insurance as listed hereunder.

  • Trip Cancellation Insurance - under this policy, you will be refunded for the payment of bills and fees you have made whenever your point of destination is changed at the last minute for any reason at all.

  • Trip Delay Insurance - this coverage offer protection whenever your trip is delayed due to weather trouble or any airline-related problems. You will be refunded for the payment you have made for hotel accommodations which include clothes, food, meals and the likes.

  • Other Travel Agency Insurance - this policy will offer refunds like the other type of Travel Insurance as well as provide you the protection in cases where the travel agency you have dealt with suddenly closes down just when you are in the middle of your travel. This type of insurance will help you bail out from the situation by providing remedies in lieu of the service of your travel agency. Furthermore, damages and theft arising during your travel which can be proved to be beyond your control and after standard care had been exercised shall also be covered by this type of insurance. Theft and damages arising from carelessness and negligence will not be covered by the insurance.

Who can get the insurance?

Anyone who is not legally impeded, Australian citizen, of legal age and is going to travel domestically or internationally can avail of this insurance coverage.

How much does it cost?

This type of insurance coverage can cost from hundreds to thousands of Australian dollars, depending on what you want to be covered. Thus, it would be a good idea to identify first your needs before venturing to search for a policy that will cover everything that you require. It is exigent to research and take quotes from various companies so that you will be able to make an informed decision. Companies may include other various services that may not be present in other policies, thus it is also important to read the fine prints on the contract so that you will not be left hanging by hidden charges, fees and stipulations that might make you lose out during claims.

For group or family travels, discounts would be available and students or people who are traveling for some other nationalistic intent are also offered some kind of deals by companies who knows the value of offering discounts to valued clients.

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