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For people whose main source of income is training other people in various fields such as self-defense trainers, fitness trainers, sports therapy, exercise instructors and the likes; protecting themselves from injury in the line of their work and their business is a must. Thus, obtaining a Personal Trainer Insurance policy for themselves give them and their business the coverage, whenever a claim for injury arises. It could be very frustrating when you don't have any cash and a trainer who works for you or your client gets injured during an implemented session of your programs. When you have the necessary insurance however, you can do away with this undue worry and face the problems without much hassle.

What is a Personal Trainers Insurance?

This insurance policy will give the insured the necessary coverage for themselves and their business in cases of claims for injury arising from the training sessions or class provided by the insured. This policy also covers indemnification to third parties and damage of third party properties. Personal Trainers Insurance policy actually covers a wide range of sports and health & fitness related occupations. This may include the following:

  • Sports massage

  • Sports therapy

  • Group exercise instructors

  • Fitness instructors

  • Other sports, health and fitness activities

When you engage in physical activities such as fitness exercises, martial arts and dance trainings; sports such as archery, football, swimming, tennis and the likes, you will always be exposed to risk of injury or illness. That is why it is highly recommended for you to take an insurance coverage that will help you pay for medical bills or any liability that may be incurred. When you are an instructor or trainer of these kinds of activities as your main livelihood, you would not want to be caught red handed when accidents happen during one such session. You must remember that a trainer does not have to be present during the actual incident to be made liable for the injury if it is proven that such injury had arisen from the engaging of such physical fitness program or sports that you have initiated under your program or business.

For instance, one of your clients suffered an injury due a loose screw in a weight machine while performing the training exercise you have taught. You will be made liable for the injury whether or not you were on the scene or not when the accident happened. Thus, it is a must to protect yourself from these unforeseen events in case this should happen especially at times when you don't have any money on you.

What is the coverage of a Personal Trainers Insurance?

The policy traditionally covers the expenses incurred in connection with medical, legal and liability costs relative to the injury on affected parties. However, you must know that this type of policy does not cover everything. Therefore, you have to conduct a research on what you want to cover and what will be your needs so that you will have an easier time finding the provider that can meet your requirements.

How much would a Personal Trainers Insurance cost?

The cost of such an insurance policy depends on what you want to cover. Normally however, you can apply for as low as $250. When it involves a bigger event however, you need to pay higher since it would entail a much large liability should anything happens.

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