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Hi-tech phones like iPhones are very expensive in Australia as well as in other parts of the world. Purchasing one would probably dent your savings if you are like most middle-income earners.

If you damage or lost your iPhone, chances are you cannot easily replace it with another iPhone.

However, considering the many hi-tech features that it affords the user, many cellular phone users are disposing their current phones for iPhones. Many fail to realize however that such a phone is very fragile.

When you drop it or spill some liquid on it, chances are you would not be able to use it afterwards.

Moreover because it is very expensive, iPhones have become one of the topmost targets of thieves.

AppleCare for iPhones

Apple Company provides a subscription plan that will enable subscribers claim the corresponding benefits for the repairs and maintenance of their Apple iPhone product. Called AppleCare, it is the best alternative of iPhone users in cases their unit needs repairs or some kind of maintenance.

However, you should read the terms and conditions that comes with the plan since there is an extensive list of "what is not covered" under such plan.

Apple made it clear that any major damage to the unit, especially accidental damages or when it is stolen is not covered under AppleCare. At this instance, Apple would rather prefer you to purchase a new unit.

Under its terms and conditions, there is no halfway point between "working" and "damage" iPhones.

It has been found out from various polls that given its hefty price tags, iPhone damages are usually accidental such as dropping it into the toilet bowl, spilling coffee on it, scratching the screen so much that you can hardly see the display, leaving it in your car during a very hot day or losing it to a thief who picked it right out of your pocket.

If something like this happens to your iPhones therefore, you could not depend on AppleCare. So what should you do?

Opting for other iPhone Insurance

For those incidents that are not covered by AppleCare, go for alternative iPhone Insurance would be the best option.

For a minimum amount, you can buy protection for your iPhone in case of loss or damage. You can even avail of their cash provision for either replacement or repair of your unit.

Should you need another Mobile Insurance?

Your iPhone costs you a lot and it would not be easy to replace it once damaged or lost. However, if you take good care of your iPhone as if it is the dearest thing on Earth to you and guard it with utmost care you might get by without any Mobile Phone Insurance.

However, for the rest of human kind who cannot afford to lose their iPhone and reverting to another lower grade mobile phone, insurance for phones is a must.

What is covered under iPhone Insurance?

Insurance for iPhones usually covers theft, foreign travel, accidents, repairs and even from unauthorized access to your phone. Companies however have varied types of coverage, thus it is well recommended to conduct survey before buying insurance.

The price would also vary depending on the type of policy you want to take.

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