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Volkswagen Finance Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 4/5


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It is not uncommon for many car manufacturers to offer car insurance. Volkswagen Finance offers several different insurance packages that not only benefits cars, but also other related things like loan and tyres. I found Volkswagen while searching through the internet and was at first surprised that such service existed.

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First a bit about the company; Volkswagen Finance was designed to provide automotive and insurance solutions to both personals and corporate. According to their About Us page, many of their products are flexible and affordable. This means their products are for everyone to purchase and benefit from.

Coverage and Plans

I had some time to slowly go through each of the packages offered and the following is a personal overview of them.

  • Motor Insurance - One of the main reasons that you would want to choose Volkswagen Finance over other car insurers is the fact that you can be sure that the parts used to repair your car will be guaranteed to be high quality like the ones that were originally in your car. Through Allianz, you will be able to choose your own repairer, which during these days is something very important.
  • Asset Equity Cover - I found the key benefits for this cover to be very worthwhile. Basically if you have a shortfall between your comprehensive motor insurance and finance contract, you will be able to get the lost money given back to you. I guess this is a plan that is for people that wants to make sure they don't lose any money.
  • Loan Protection - Getting a loan to pay off a car is actually pretty common, however due to some unforeseen situations you may be unable to repay the loan. Thanks to this cover, you will be able to remove the worry of financial hardship by letting you be covered under a selection of five different levels of cover. They include things like being disabled, death, as well as involuntary unemployment.
  • Tyre and Rim - This coverage is mainly for people that are so in love with their cars that they even want to make sure their tyres and rims are in great condition. If this is you, you will be able to choose from two levels of insurance that I think are very useful; Standard Cover and Prestige Cover.

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