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Velosure Insurance Reviews

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Velosure offers Bicycle Insurance only. They were founded by bicycle enthusiasts for bicycle enthusiasts. Velosure was started by Theo Grobler, a cycling enthusiast, in conjunction with Hollard Insurance, a well-respected name in the insurance industry. Whether it's for recreation, commuting or training for the race Velosure knows what you need. Your bike means a lot to you. If you use it for commuting it is a necessity. If you use it for sport you probably have put a lot of money into it. You need to protect it just like your car or your home. Let's see what they have to offer.

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Features and Coverage

As I said earlier, Velosure only deals with Bike Insurance so, as a result, there is only one package to look at.

Bicycle Insurance

  • Accident - Cover whether in normal use or in a race.
  • Theft - While away at an event or from your home.
  • Loss - Cover against loss or damage while being transported.


  • Custom parts for your bicycle
  • Bicycle computer
  • Custom racing wheels
  • Bicycle travel case and other accessories used in conjunction with your bicycle.

The above parts listed under optional need to be physically connected to your bike to be covered.

Your bike coverage applies only for areas within Australia or New Zealand. If you need to take your bike beyond these limits, Velosure will cover you for up to 90 days provided you notified them and they have agreed to it. An extra charge may apply.

Velosure not only covers your bike it also protects you if something happens while riding. With cover up to $10,000 for death or disability or up to $1,000 towards expenses such as dental, private hospital, ambulance, etc.

They provide new for old replacement if it is declared a total loss if it is less than two years old.

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