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Rating: 4.5/5


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Features and Coverage

TID basically has just two types of travel policies, these are:

  • International & Annual Multi Trip - This policy covers a wide range of benefits such as: unlimited overseas medical, loss of income up to $20,000, up to $24,000 for luggage and personal effects, accidental death up to $50,000 and personal liability cover up to $2.5 million. This policy also covers additional boarding for your pet if you are delayed in returning home. This plan is available for singles or families. It's great to keep you protected when traveling oversees, whether you're flying to Frankfurt or Shanghai.
    • Business Travel - This policy is part of the International & Annual Multi Trip policy, it is not available on the Domestic policy. If you travel for business, you'll need this. It covers business equipment you may bring with you, cover for renting equipment if yours is stolen or damaged and up to $1,000 to recreate business documents or plans that have been damaged or lost.
  • Domestic - This policy is for just as it says, domestic, in country only. You are covered for only a few items such as: up to $20,000 for medical evacuation, $4,000 for rental vehicle and up to $1 million in liability cover. Business travel is not available in the domestic policy. This plan is available for singles or families.

TID also offers an extra benefit for groups. If your club or group of more than 5 members plans to go on a trip, TID can offer you group rates that can save your club a significant amount of cash.

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