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Transport Health Insurance is a unique insurance company because they were designed to meet the insurance needs of the employees and contractors of transport companies, such as land, sea or air; or a government body that administers the transport industry.

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Features and Coverage

So if Transport Health sounds like a company that could benefit you, read on as this review will cover some of the things you would find interesting. Currently three plans are available to choose from.

  • Hospital Cover Plans - There are several levels; Top Cover, Top Cover With Excess, Top Cover With Co-Payment, Healthy Choice Hospital and Basic Hospital. The general benefits of these policies is that you will be able to choose your own doctor, be exempt from Medicare Levy Surcharges and be treated as a private patient in a public hospital. You will also be able to get coverage for emergency ambulance transportation, intensive care, and several others, depending what level your choose.
  • Extra Cover Plans - If you want to be covered for specific things only, then this is the policy for you. In most cases, the general advantages that you can get from a policy are having an affordable premium and get treatments every day. You will also get a certain percentage of fees charged for general and major dental, optical, chiropractic, physiotherapy and more.
  • Combined Cover Plans - If you want a comprehensive cover so that you can enjoy both Hospital Covers and Extra Covers, then this is the plan for you to check out. The levels available are: Young Singles Combined Cover, Young Couples Combined Cover, Family by Design and several others. Price starts from $72.80 for singles, and up to several hundred dollars, depending which plan you take.

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