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Teachers Insurance Services is a company that I came across that offers insurance to teachers and their family. We all know that being insured is serious business that at the same time, differs from people to people, so seeing that there is a firm dedicated to the education community surely makes them something to notice.

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According to Teachers Insurance Service, their goal is to offer high quality insurance so that the outcomes of their health can be achieved to the best of their possibilities. Did you know that over 12,000 teachers have joined? Seeing thing huge number, it can only mean that their products are useful and worthwhile.

Coverage and Plans

I found a list of insurance covers that are offered, so we will have a quick review of each of them.

  • Travel Insurance - Being a teacher can sometimes involve travelling. There are five different plans that are available from a comprehensive cover, to a budget plan to a policy that only covers for cancellation. For those teachers that need to travel a lot, a Frequent Traveller package is also available.
  • Car Insurance - It seems that there is only one policy available, which is a comprehensive cover. Some of the highlights that were largely visible are having a new for old replacement for cars up to two year old, everything you need if you happen to be caught in an accident, and best of all there is an emergency claim line that operates around the clock. One thing that I was really impressed by is the fact that towing costs is unlimited.
  • Home Insurance - This plan also includes contents, landlord and building insurance. Basically how I see it, there are several levels of cover to choose from, starting from essential coverage to more elite protection. Some of the starred features in my insurance include emergency accommodation, legal liability and rainwater.
  • Life Insurance - The first thing to know is that this product is known as Macquarie Life Active, and is a combination of life and health events insurance. The great thing about this plan is that it is more than just your normal life insurance package because it includes a lot of other elements, making something to defiantly check out.

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Teachers Insurance Services
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Toronto, NSW

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