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Shannons Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 5/5


A screenshot of the insurer's website
When I opened Shannons Insurance's website it was obvious to see that as their motto says "Insurance for Motoring Enthusiasts" was right there. Their website needs a little help as some things are cut-off on the sides but, all the important stuff is readable.

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Features and Coverage

Apparently Shannons was started in the early 70's by Robert Shannon, a motor enthusiast. He wanted to an insurance company that catered to motor enthusiasts by direct contact instead of through agents or brokers.

I went to the insurance tab to find out what they had to offer me.

  • Car Insurance - Their insurance is catered to those with special vehicles and those who really care about their cars. I started with Car Insurance, rather than seeing a list of different policies and options, it appears there is just one type of Car Insurance. It seems to be a comprehensive type policy but after all, this is for people who are serious about their cars. They have a multitude of discounts like; multi-policy 10% discounts if you insure both your car and home through them, multi-vehicle discounts, special rates for limited use vehicles, a discount while your vehicle is being restored and not driven. They also provide the (CTP) Compulsory Third Party Insurance and $20 million liability protection. You get emergency repairs and accommodations, theft, salvage and windscreen coverage.
  • Bike Insurance - Shannons treats bike owners the same as car owners, they know bike enthusiasts love their bikes just as car enthusiasts love their cars. The comprehensive Bike Insurance they offer covers you as well as their Car Insurance. There are some differences though like, riding gear coverage. This provides $3,000 in gear coverage for the rider and $1,000 for a passenger. Shannons covers modifications to your bike as long as they don't impact safety. You get the same $20 million liability protection as with the Car Insurance.

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Phone Number: 13 46 46

Unit B, 12 Frederick Street
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