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It is natural for pet owners to want to offer the highest quality of care to their animals. To a lot of us, the first organisation that comes to mind that deals with animal is RSPCA. This is a review centred on the pet insurance offered by t hem and all the things the will be able to provide you to ensure your pet will get the care they deserve.

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Prior to searching through the policies RSPCA offered, I came across on the FAQ page that only cats and dogs between the age of eight weeks and nine years old can apply, however once they are accepted they will be able to be insured for the rest of their life. If you pet is outside this age range, there is also one option you may be able to consider and that is the RSPCA Accident Only Cover.

Coverage and Plans

One thing that amazed me is that you are able to get free information delivered to you. I think this is a great way for customers to know more about the protection they can purchase and have all the details about them. After browsing through the PDS, here are some main covers that I found.

  • Accidental Injury - Your pet will be able to be covered for a range of accidental damage such as from motor vehicles, burns, snake bites and even allergic reactions. It should be noted that there needs to be a result from the injury such as getting a bone fractured in order for a claim to be made.
  • Illness Cover - I know a lot of pet owners are concerned about their furry friends getting ill. This cover will be able to pay you a certain percentage when get a treatment from a vet only when your pet is suffering an illness. It is also stated in the PDS that you will not be paid if the illness is already pre-existing, or if it is caused by endoparasites or ectoparasites unless under the exception that they are also covered under the Paralysis Tick Benefits.

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