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Resilium Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 4.5/5


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I came across Resilium Insurance in an insurance directory website, and when I went to their website to see what they offered, I was captivated by all the great products they have. There are a line of Business Insurance, as well as Personal Insurance. Some examples of covers that I saw were Public Liability Insurance, Trade Insurance, Farm Insurance and Boat Insurance.

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Coverage and Features

In this review on Resilium Insurance we will only be covering their Personal Insurance products since most readers are buying insurance for their own needs. Several policies are available for you to choose from with claims and payments that are easy to make and process.

  • Home Insurance - We all have a prized estate that we call our house, but from time to time things may not go the way we expect and damages can come without any warning. One way to make sure your home and contents are safe from harm is to get this policy from Resilium Insurance. Five different covers are available for you to choose from, depending on what type of a home you have.
  • Car Insurance - I was glad that Resilum Insurance offers Comprehensive Car Insurance and Platinum Car Insurance. As you can see, no matter which one you take out you can be sure that your benefits are high and trustworthy. According to their website you can expect to get protection from lost, vandalism, fire, theft, and other events, as well as when you accidentally caused damage to someone else.
  • Travel Insurance - There are two types of Travel Insurance available by Resilium, Business and Personal, but this one is about the personal one. One thing you should take note is the fact that the policy offered is from CoverMoreTravel Insurance, and will let you have access to make claims for overseas hospital expenses, loss of income, accidental death, delays, stolen cash and many more.

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