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Real Insurance came into the market in 2005. When they entered the insurance market there were already multiple insurance companies competing for business. Their core purpose is to "protect the quality of people's lives". They say they want their customers to understand exactly what they are covered for, providing easy to understand insurance, and documents that are easy to read. Their goal is to "cover all customers all the time".

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Features and Coverage

When I logged onto Real Insurance's webpage I was greeted with all their insurances right there in easy to see format. You are exposed to little blocks describing each insurance product briefly, enticing you to look further. You can get instant online quotes for all the products, even Funeral Insurance! Well, I had to see what they had.

  • Car Insurance - While real offers all the usual insurance products, they offer an extra product called Pay as you Drive Insurance. This is something I haven't found anywhere else. If you only drive your car a few kilometers now and then, this is the way to go. You get comprehensive insurance based on your mileage. This can save you hundreds off a regular insurance policy. By buying online you get a 15% discount off all Car Insurances and 1 year free road assistance.
  • Pet Insurance - We all love our pets but sometime they are going need the veterinarian. This plan covers up to 80% of the vets' bill with premiums less than $1.00 per day.
  • Funeral Insurance - Real asks the question, Who will pay for your funeral? Do you want that burden to fall upon your family? Real provides this coverage for about $1.72 per week for people between 18 to 79 years old. Online quotes are available. How much easier do you want it?

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