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RAA Insurance Reviews

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RAA Insurance, which stands for Royal Automobile Association of South Australia, began as The Automobile and Motor Cycling Club of South Australia in 1903. By 1904, it had amended its name by deleting the words Motor Cycling'. In 1911 the club was reconstituted as an Association, and in 1928 received its Royal patronage. However, it was not until 1959 that it was formally known as RAA. While RAA offers a membership plan for its Automobile Association with a full range of benefits from discounts on shopping, accommodations, theme parks, road service, etc., we are going to look at the insurance aspect of their business.

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Features and Coverage

When I logged onto their website the first thing I noticed was "Insurance you can trust". RAA offers a wide range of insurance products designed to cover your car, home and its contents, your valuables, caravan and boat. My mission was to see if it really was insurance you can trust.

First, I looked at their Car Insurance and found they have three different main types:

  • Comprehensive Insurance - This covers your vehicle in event of a collision or natural disaster. 24 hour road assistance is included. They have some pretty neat coverage like; if your child seat is stolen or damage while attached to your vehicle, they will cover up to $500 to replace it! They also pay up to $100 for a taxi home if your car has been stolen or disabled by accident.
  • Third Party Property Damage, Fire & Theft - This can be added to the basic Third Party Property policy. It covers the obvious like fire, theft or damage by someone else.
  • Third Party Property Damage - This is the one that covers you against loss, damage, injury or death of others. It provides $20,000,000. That should about cover anything.

You can apply for any of these policies online. You can also make premium payments and file your claims online too.

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Contact Details, etc.

Website Address:

Email Address: N/A

Phone Number: 8202 4567

55 Hindmarsh Square
Adelaide, South Australia

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