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QBE Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 4.5/5


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In Australia QBE Insurance provides service through 50 offices in every state and territory. They have been named Insurance Broker of the Year by the National Insurance Brokers Association for the past ten years. They have been in the insurance business for 125 years. In 1886 North Queensland Insurance Company was formed and by 1959 they were known as QBE. They have won numerous awards over the history of the company.

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Features and Coverage

I went to their website to see what they had to offer. QBE offers the full complement of insurance plans. Here are a few.

  • Boat Insurance - QBE's boat insurance covers things like loss, theft, damage, violent weather. It also includes personal and legal liability coverage.
  • Car Insurance - QBE offers a choice of six car insurance option. Like a number of site they offer a 10% discount on their Car Insurance for applying online. Here is a list of some of those policies.
    • Comprehensive
    • Preferred Driver
    • Nominated Driver
    • Third Party Fire and Theft
    • Third Party Only
    • Greenslip Insurance.
  • Caravan Insurance - There are two plans to choose from:
    • Mobile Cover - for when your caravan is at home, on the road, or parked at a site.
    • On-Site Cover - for when it's permanently parked at a site. They both cover a variety of options such as; theft, accidental damage, property damage, etc.
  • CTP & Greenslip Insurance - They offer CTP Insurance covering injury to others and Greenslip Insurance.
  • Home Insurance - Two options on home insurance are provided.
    • Building Insurance which covers the structure against all kinds of events like fire, storms and earthquakes.
    • Home Contents Insurance which covers everything in your house.
  • Travel Insurance - You have enough to worry about while traveling without worrying about how to pay for things if something happens. QBE offers two main types of Travel Insurance:
    • International Travel which four levels of coverage from International Annual Multi Trip, International Comprehensive, International 60+, New Zealand Cancellation.
    • Australian Travel, also with four levels of service from Australian Annual Multi Trip, Australian Comprehensive, Australian 70+, Australian Cancellation.

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