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Prosure Pet Insurance Reviews

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Prosecure Pet Insurance is promoted by Provet and administered by Petsure who is underwritten by Hollard Insurance Company. Hollard has over 18 years' experience in the pet insure field. Well I hope that all that didn't confuse you.

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Features and Coverage

Prosure Pet Insurance is your Vets own insurance, designed by Vets. Pets are our friends, our companions and we need to protect them. No matter how hard you try, accidents happen, pets get sick. You want to get them treated but, veterinary bills can become expensive. It's not just the accidents or illnesses it's making sure your pet stays healthy. Prosure offers a wellness plan to help you make sure your pet stays healthy. Prosure claims to help make these bills more affordable.

There are 3 levels of coverage available. I will briefly explore them here.

  • Silver Cover - Accidental Injury Cover: This option reimburses you up to 80% on covered accident costs.
  • Gold Cover - Accidental Injury & Illness Cover: This option reimburses you up to 80% on covered accident and illness claims.
  • Platinum Cover - Accidental Injury & Illness & Wellness Care: This option reimburses you up to 80% on covered accident and illness claims with wellness savings. You can use the Wellness Care rewards, a $150 annual limit towards a variety of wellness products.

Under the Pet Insurance Basics tab you will see a section called Cover Options. On that page they do a nice side by side comparison of all three policy options.

Applying for Pet Insurance:

  • Apply online - Coverage starts at midnight of the day you purchase a policy.
  • Filing a claim - The claim form is available online but must be mailed in after your Vet signs it.

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Email Address: 1800 424 917

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PROSURE Pet Insurance
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