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Now here's something that I fear too many of us don't give enough thought to, Pet Insurance. Sure we love our pets, feed them, take care of them, give them car rides. Well, what happens when we have an accident? Sure we're covered but what about them?

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Features and Coverage

When your pet gets ill and has to be taken to the vet, those bills are as much as their human counterparts. Sometimes we can't afford thousands of dollars for an operation on Fluffy. This is where Petcover comes in.

Petcover coverage is for dogs and cats. Right on the front page of their website it shows you the monthly premium, $42.00 for dogs and $32.40 for cats. Most of us spend that much on pet food. One vet visit would wipe that out!

The applications are handled online. Filling out the application is very easy. It only takes 2 mouse clicks at most to fill out the application. The same can be said for claims, very simple to fill out. The claim form is a two part form, the first part for you to fill out and the second part is for your veterinarian to fill out. The form must then be mailed in as it needs original signatures on it but, all in all it's an easy process.

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