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When I went to PeopleCare Health Insurance's website I was surprised, it was a very contemporary, upbeat and youthful looking site. PeopleCare Health Insurance plans are insured under Access Gap Cover, previously called Lysaght PeopleCare. PeopleCare is member-owned and a not-for-profit company.

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Features and Coverage

One of the things you can't help but notice is the word "Love" plastered almost everywhere on their site. So what's this love thing all about? At PeopleCare, their saying is "We love giving you more of the things you love and less of the things you don't". They need to update the website as it still offers a free first aid kit if you join before Nov. 2011. Seriously, they seem to love what they're doing. Let's look at how much they love offering you insurance.

  • Hospital Cover
    • Private Hospital - This cover provides you private and public hospitals cover. You can choose your level of excess - no excess, $250 excess or $500 excess Cover 365 days per year, no exclusions 100% national Ambulance Cover. Monthly premiums range from $88.00 for singles through $230 for couples.
    • Basic hospital - This plan still gives you most of the same cover as Private hospital there are a list of items that are only available at a public hospital. Premiums range from $54.00 for singles to $108.00 for couples.
  • Extras Cover - This is just what the title says; it covers the extras that don't seem to get included in regular hospital coverage. They provide three levels of cover based on you needs, Bronze - silver & Gold.
  • Combo Package - This package provides three levels of cover and allows you to mix and match the hospital and extra covers so it fits your life. You choose the bronze, silver or gold plan then add whatever extra work for you.

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