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OnePath Insurance Reviews

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To start off, OnePath Insurance has been around for over 130 years. They were previously known as Mercantile Mutual and ING Australia, a familiar name known to many of us. OnePath also owns several financial service providers such as: RI Advice Group, Millenium3, SuperConcepts, Oasis and financial services Partners.

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Features and Coverage

Now, on to their website to see what they have to offer us At the top of their website are the words "Investment - Insurance - Superannuation". Well I'm not stupid, I know what Investment and Insurance means but, I'm still not so sure about superannuation, as shameful as it may sound. I clicked on the Superannuation tab, went to the Understanding the Basics section and there I was enlightened. There I found that superannuation, or Super, as it is commonly known is a long term savings plan that will provide you with income when you retire. OnePath offers 6 different Super products. While the basic information is available online, they suggest you call one of their advisors to help you plan for your retirement.

  • OneAnswer Personal Super - 80 investment funds managed by leading experts.
  • MoneyFor Life - Guaranteed retirement income.
  • PortfolioOne Superannuation - Managed funds and securities.
  • Integra Super - Wide investment choices with your employer super fund.
  • Corporate Super - Similar to Integra , easy to manage choices with your employer super fund.
  • DIY Super Service - A self-managed super fund.

They have another tab on the website right next to the superannuation tab, the retirement tab. I clicked there and found several other options for retirement. There are 3 basic retirement plans to help you continue to live comfortably when the time comes for you to stop working. These are:

  • OneAnswer Pension - Flexible income options managed by experienced investment managers.
  • MoneyForLife - Guaranteed retirement income.
  • PortfolioOne Pension - Managed funds.

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