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No, despite the name, you do not need to be travelling with a tourist guide to be insured by On Tour Travel Insurance. In fact, anyone going overseas can visit their website and get an instant quote. It is fast, simple and will give you an idea of what will be offered to you in your policy.

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Features and Coverage

The first thing you should know is that On Tour is operated by Chartis Insurance. Chartis is an international company that have given out many claims to their policyholder worldwide, meaning they are a firm that you can lean on if you are truly concerned for your safety.

According to their website, three types of policies can be chosen, all with different benefits and coverage.

  • International or Frequent Travellers Aged Under 70 With this policy you will be able to enjoy the benefits of Cancellation Fees and Lost Deposits, Travel Agent Fees, Medial Cover, Cash in Hospital, Personal Money, Resumption of Journey, Delays in Journeys, Hijacks, Legal Liability and Loss of Income, to name a few. What caught my eyes was that you will be able to get unlimited cover for Cancellation Fees and Emergency Expenses. I think these two features are very important and having them will surely make your trip more pleasant.
  • Australia Domestic Traveller Aged Under 70 Like the policy above, you will basically get the same things with the exclusions of a few benefits such as Loss of Income. It should also be noted that the cover limits are also a bit lower, but considering the fact that you will only be travelling within Australia, the protection included in this policy will be good enough to ensure you have a safe journey.
  • Traveller Aged 70+ - Similar to the previous two plans, you can get protection for both international and domestic travels but it is aimed at senior travellers. They are pretty similar to the other policies listed above with a few differences.

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