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1. There's no need to pay for excess on medical expenses for your kids under 21 years old. An excess refers to the amount you need to pay during hospital pay when any one in your family gets admitted. Some Health Insurances only cover a certain period to pay for the hospital stay. The excess can be quite expensive. With NIB Health Insurance, there's no need to worry about hospital excess because they have capped this on a maximum amount per year.

2. Claim for First Aid Courses. Selected NIB covers this special feature. You can claim on approved first aid courses done during family emergencies.

3. No need to add additional amount as your family grows. This is a very helpful feature because the Family Health Insurance covers all your dependents under 21 years old. The value of your health plans just keeps getting cheaper as your family grows.

4. Get up to 75% on Extra on your annual limits. Once you have selected a NIB Family Health Insurance, you can claim on these extras as much as 50, 65 and even 75 percent up to the course's annual limits.

5. It covers regular dental check-ups, tooth fillings, basic extractions, x-rays and preventative procedures. NIB Family Health makes sure that your family is ensured of a good quality health services especially on the oral health of your children.

The next time you want to plan for your family's health, pick the most comprehensive type of family Health Insurance. NIB Family Health Insurance addresses all your needs and makes the most of what you have.


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