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Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 4.5/5


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My Cover Insurance may be a firm that you would want to go with when you are travelling overseas or within Australia. I first saw their name in a rating and directory website and afterwards, I decided to review them. After landing onto their website, I was taken away by their great looking design, and not only that, all the information for all their different plans were available to be seen on the homepage.

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Coverage and Features

First, I was able to get instance quotes on My Cover Insurance's website by using their simple form. All I had to do was select the plan, number of travellers and dependent children, dates of departure and return, and whether or not I am an Australia resident. We will now have a look at their plans.

  • Comprehensive International - The further we go away from home, the higher the chances something can go wrong, and once it does, the impact can be deadly. For those that are serious about being protected to the highest level available, this would be the policy for you. It is available for Single, Duo and Family, and includes high coverage such as up to $100,000 for Additional Expenses, up to $20,800 for Loss of Income and up to $10,000 for Alternative Transport Expenses, for their Family policy.
  • Australia Only - Even if you are going on a domestic holiday, risks can still happen. Even though most of the time it won't be as serious if you were on the other side of the world, some things are also essential to have. In this plan you can expect to receive unlimited cancellation fees and lost deposits, up to $3,000 on Rental Vehicle and more.
  • Budget Cover - If you want to be protected but can't afford to spend a fortune, this may be a good choice for you however you will only get three benefits; Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance, Overseas Emergency Medical and Hospital Expenses (including Dental), and Personal Liability.

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Phone Number: 1300 855 240

MyCover Pty Ltd
Travel Insurance
Level 10
221 Queen Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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