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Mozo Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 4.5/5


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Do you want to get a good deal on insurance? There is a company that I have seen a lot lately and that is Mozo Insurance. Basically what they are is a service that enables you to compare different insurance policies among a list of insurers. All the best deals and cheapest quotes will then be displayed for you to either buy or get more information.

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Coverage and Features

So I was curious about Mozo Insurance so I headed over their website to have a look at all the things they have. I found out that besides insurance they also offer banking, loans and credit cards. But for the sake of this review we will be looking at their insurance products.

  • Income Protection Insurance - This is one of the growing insurance types that a lot of people are taking out. When I went to get a quote, all I had to do was enter some personal details including my occupation, annual income and my smoking status. It was easy and instantly, I was given a list of potential insurers.
  • Life Insurance - This was also similar to Income Protection. I was able to get quotes from more than 10 insurers in that one search. One of the reasons why people take out this policy is so that they can make a claim when they suddenly pass away or suffer a critical health issue to help get a peace of mind.
  • Car Insurance - As I can imagine, this is the most popular product on Mozo's website. I was able to compare insurance from every state within Australia as well as getting information and guides.
  • Travel Insurance - Going away can be an expensive task so it would be reasonable that you want to get a cheap policy. In order to get a quote, I had to first select the destination and then enter some additional information.

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Phone Number: (02) 9037 4366

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177 William Street
NSW 2010

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