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Metlife Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 4.5/5


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Life Insurance is something everyone would consider one time or another as they get older. One brand that you may want to take interest in is Metlife Insurance which offers policies through superannuation, employee groups and partners. Starting out in the July of 2005 they have quickly turned itself into a specialist in providing insurance to personals as well as businesses.

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Coverage and Features

I went over to Metlife Insurance's website and quickly clicked on the link to their Individual Insurance. I was there able to see all the different products that they offered and even found out how do things like getting a quote and applying for a cover. They have a range of selection to choose from, and I have gathered a summary of some of them.

  • Income Protection - You can't be sure that you will always be able to work and get an income to pay for your mortgages and credit debts. One day without any warning you may become too ill or injured to work. By taking out this cover, Metlife will be able to pay you a certain payment temporary to help you get back on your feet.

  • Funeral Insurance - The best thing about this plan that I learned from their website is that you will be able to receive payments usually within 48 hours after your death. This way, your loved ones and the people close to you will be able to quickly organise your funeral and pay for all the expenses that may come with it.

  • Term Life Insurance - There is nothing more valuable than your life, and being able to have it insured is something that everyone should do. You will be able to make a claim and receive some money when you die, suffer a terminal illness and other sicknesses to help you and your family get a peace of mind.

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