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Lexus Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 4/5


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If you are the lucky owner of a Lexus car, there is no doubt you are not like the majority of the normal population. Not only are you wealthier, it is likely that you have a fine taste for luxury too and would want to keep your car in good condition. The thing that got me absorbed into Lexus Insurance is the fact their covers are made especially for the unique needs of Lexus drivers with protection that can come handy at unexpected events.

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Features and Coverage

Just an overview of all the different types of policies offered, I was already able to feel a sense of inner peace knowing that all the coverage and features offered will be able to take away a whole lot of liabilities and stress.

Listed below are some of their selected plans that are worth noticing.

  • Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance - The greatest benefit for having a comprehensive protection is that you can be safe guarded from even the less likely risks. In my opinion, the feature that shines out the most from this plan is that you are able to have a new car replacement within the first 12 months of being insured as long as it fits under some other criteria (check their website). Not a lot of policies offer this benefits and seeing that it does here is something to seriously consider as it can be very worthwhile for your money.
  • Payment Protection Insurance - Many Lexus owners will have loans taken out so that they can continue to pay for the cost of their vehicle bit by bit over the months and years. However, this case can only be possible if you have a constant income flowing in. What I love about this protection is that you will be able to receive help in making vehicle repayments, softening your financial stress and even protect your credit rating, and all at the same time. And on a side note, there are also some personal products that you can also take out such as getting a payout when you die, when you are injured or involuntary unemployed.
  • Finance Gap Insurance - You would likely know this insurance as a type of defence to compensate the financial loss if your vehicle is stolen or damaged so badly that it can't be repaired. The striking thing about this policy is that you can claim up to $30,000 which is like the price of a car!

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