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iTrek Travel Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 4.5/5


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Itrek Travel Insurance bills itself as "Low Cost Travel Insurance"; well I wanted to see about that. Half the insurance websites out there already bill themselves as low cost. One way they can do this is because they are an online company with no expensive overhead. Itrek Travel Insurance is the travel insurance arm of Chartis, a property casualty general insurance company with a 90 year history and 40 million clients.

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Features and Coverage

When you go to their website, right there on the top of the webpage is a small form where you can get a quick quote. I wanted to see how easy it was, I filled it out and hit the button and just like it said, I got an instant quote. It immediately displayed a quote page with four levels of for my needs. It displayed not only the premium for each plan but what was covered and what the amount of coverage for each item was. To me this was just what most of us are looking for, a no muss - no fuss, answer to our insurance questions. It took me only 10 seconds to get the answers I wanted.

Also, on the first page is a quick list of all the types of insurance they offer, below are a few:

  • Backpacker Travel Insurance - Backpacker Travel Insurance is designed for those who are traveling on a budget, often just a cheap holiday but still want to be covered. You still have access to all 4 levels of insurance, all with unlimited medical and liability up to $2,500,000!
  • Family Travel Insurance - The Family Travel Insurance works in much the same fashion as the Backpackers Insurance, just fill out the simple form and off you go! An added bonus is that children less than 18 year old are covered for free. All you have to do is list them on your policy. When traveling with the family, anything free is good news. You still have access to all 4 levels of insurance, all with unlimited medical and liability up to $2,500,000!

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Phone Number: 1300 884 430

iTrek Travel Insurance
Level 11
307 Pitt Street
Sydney, 2000

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