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Insure4Less Insurance Reviews

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Insure4Less was actually a company recommended to me from a friend before he set out on his Christmas adventure. I haven't heard of this insurance provider before so I was destined to do a bit of research about them. Right away what grabs me when I got to their website is: Cheap Travel Insurance - Cut Out The Middleman's Commission! I just had to see what this was about. What middleman were we cutting out? I had to see how this works.

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Features and Coverage

I started checking things out and found out how they do it. Insure4less is a total web based system with no human interface unless you ask a question. Their applications are designed to be easy, almost foolproof. All their forms and applications are right there on the website. The Insure4less website claims that once you submit a quote online you can have a policy with instant coverage in 5 steps. In this way they cut-out the middleman and keep premiums down.

With the fact that everything was being done online with little human interface, I wanted to check it out and see if their customers thought this almost automated service was a good deal. I went to their Customer Testimonial page and what I found was surprising. Their customers praised the speed that Insure4less handled things. They also were happy with the small amount of paperwork required to handle their claims.

Insure4Less don't insure anyone over 65 years old to keep premiums down but, don't feel if you're over 65 they have abandoned you, far from true. If you're between 66 - 80 years old, they direct you to a sister site to a company named Suresave Travel Insurance. By getting to Suresave Travel through Insure4less's website you qualify for a 20 percent discount. Not a bad deal!

We are all budget conscious, I know I am, so, I started checking on what they had to offer.

They offer 3 main types of insurance:

  • Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance - They cover unlimited trips in a year, 23 days of snow sports included, and prices starting at less than $72 per person.
  • Standard Travel Insurance - Coverage for trips of up to 12 months, underwritten by Lloyds of London, up to $10,000,000 medical expenses.
  • Back Packers Travel Insurance - Coverage for most adventure type activities, coverage for working holidays such as, bar work, fruit picking, nursing, etc. Terrorism coverage is included also.

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