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Honda Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 4/5


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Honda is one of my favourite brands of cars and knowing that there are certain insurance products offered by them certainly makes me want to check them out. According to their website, there are six different types of insurance policies that they offer, all with great protection and prices. There are some of personal protections while others are for business protections.

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I moved over to their website and saw several eye catching features. For example, the first thing that I saw is that there is a three year new replacement vehicle if you ever get involved in a total loss accident. Secondly, you are guaranteed to have your damaged vehicle fixed with genuine parts, which is different to other insurers where they may use second hand parts without telling you.

Features and Coverage

The following are some of the covers offered.

  • Honda Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance - Seeing this as the top plans offered, I was glad to see that you are able to claim up to the limit of $20,000,000 on accidental damage done to a third party, such as someone else's property. Secondly, you are able to choose your own repairer, however it is interesting to see how the repairer of your choice will be guaranteed to use genuine parts as stated on their website. Other notable protection includes keys and codes if they are stolen, emergency accommodation and many more.
  • Honda Tyre and Rim Insurance - The main objective of this plan is to let you get assistance if your tyres ever blowout, get damaged or are punctured. There are two cover types to select from; Standard and Prestige. I somewhat like their latter plan as it offers up to $1,100 in total claims per year for rims, and $1,400 for tyres, which are about twice the amount of a standard plan.
  • Honda Loan Protection Insurance - One thing that I was surprised with this is the fact that this insurance policy is actually offered by Allianz. According to some of my other reviews on insurance offered by other car brands, their policies were also offered through Allianz. Regardless, what I found amazing is that you are able to claim up to $100,000 on death/trauma, $3,000 each month on disability and $10,000 on involuntary unemployment.

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