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HIF Insurance also known as Health Insurance Fund of Australia, is an insurance company that started all the way back in the March of 1954. They are a not-for-profit health fund, meaning they don't have shareholders. If they have any surplus, they will make premiums lower for their members, which is a good thing.

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Features and Coverage

Right now, HIF's main product is their Health Insurance. There are many covers and options to choose from, so we will have a look at some of them now in this review.

  • Ancillary Insurance - This policy will cover the health services that is likely you will need on a regular interval. In most cases, they are things like dental, osteopathy, chiropractic and so on. When I looked at the price for their covers, I was very surprised at how cheap they were. Cover starts from 54 cents a day, all the way up to $1.80.
  • SmartTeeth Private Dental Insurance - This cover is not an add-on and was created to encourage people to look after their teeth. One reason for choosing this plan is that you will be offered up to 100% rebate for dental services like exams, plaque removal and remineralisation.
  • Ambulance Insurance Cover - Not every Australian health funds cover for ambulance fees, and this can be very costly at times. But with HIF, you can rest assure that you will be covered.
  • Private Hospital Insurance - If something bad happened to you, such as getting injured, you want to make sure you are treated reasonably. By taking out this policy, you will be able to choose your preferred public or private hospital and the doctor that will treat you. You can also choose a private hospital room and also be covered from numerous fees. The premiums start from $1.35 a day up to $3.59.
  • Corporate Health Insurance - HIF doesn't just cover for individuals but also businesses as well. Plans are all different depending if you are an employer or employee so if you would like a custom tailored policy, you would need to contact HIF.
  • Travel Insurance - If you are going overseas, you would want to make sure your health and assets are in safe hands so that you can enjoy your trip. Many benefits will be offered to you with your policy, including overseas medical and dental, liabilities, trip cancellation, accident death and much more.

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