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Consider yourself lucky if you live in South Australia because you are the only folks that can have access to Health Partners Insurance and get coverage for more than 45 participating pharmacies across regional and metropolitan Adelaide. As stated on their website, they are more than just a health fund.

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Features and Coverage

So what are they? I decided to visit their website and have a browse around. Many health-related insurance are on offer, including coverage for Dental, Optical, Physio and Pharmacy. The best thing about them is that you can individually take out Hospital Cover or Extras Cover too.

Their Health Insurance comes in many packages for different people and families, all tailored to fit their specific needs. Let us have a look at them now.

  • Single Women - Being a women can come with its own unique risks and accidents, and Health Partners has just the right coverage to suit you. When you take out a policy, you will be able to get accommodation in a hospital if you ever hurt yourself, have your operation and surgery charges paid, have your doctor fees paid, and many more. There are also several levels of Hospital Covers and Extras to choose from.
  • Single Men - This policy is similar to the Single Women package as well. The fortnightly cost starts from $26.61 on a Bronze Hospital Plan all the way to $54.35 on a Gold Hospital Plan on a 30% rebate. Extras Cover is available too.
  • Couples - The health of you and your partners will be well looked after with this policy. There are also advantages that you can't get with Medicare such as shorter waiting times, be treated by a doctor of your choice and many more. For Hospital Covers, the cheapest price starts from $53.28 to $108.74 a fortnight and Extras start from $17.24 to $84.19.
  • Sole Parent - So you have children and is a single parent? Of course you would want you and your kids to be able to enjoy a healthy life too. Again, Hospital Cover and Extras Cover can be taken out, and the price for them would be similar to a Couples policy but a bit cheaper.
  • Family - It should be noted that this plan is for families with children up to the age of 21, unless they are studying full time and in this case will be covered up until they are 25 years old. If you would like to have your older children insured as well, you may decide to take out a Family Focus plan instead. Looking at the Hospital Cover, price starts from around $53 a fortnight, all the way up to around $108 with 30% rebate.
  • Over 65s - Benefits for this is similar to the other plans as well. Price with a 35% rebate starts from $24.71 a fortnight all the way up to $50.50.

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