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HBF Health Insurance began in April 1941 as the Metropolitan Hospital Benefit Fund; in October 1945the Metropolitan was dropped to become the Hospital Benefit Fund. In October 1994 their mascot "Ted" first appeared as the star of Hospital Benefit Fund commercials. In March 2000 their name was shortened to HBF. HBF is a not-for profit organization. There are no shareholders which mean they put more money back into your pockets. 87.9% of all contributions go back in member benefits.

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Features and Coverage

Let's see what they have to offer us in the way of insurance.

  • Health Insurance - There are four options:
    • Hospital and Essentials - Hospital and Essentials cover pays benefits on things like accommodation as well as day to day health services like dental and optical. HBF provides four levels of coverage with this plan starting at $10.92 through $85.58, depending on your situation.
    • Hospital Products - Hospital cover pays benefits for things like accommodation in a private hospital, specialist fees, as well as allowing you to choose your own doctor. This plan offers four levels of cover starting at $10.66 to $23.97.
    • Essentials Products - HBF Essentials cover pays up to 22 day-to-day services including dental, optical, podiatry and occupational therapy. This plan comes with five levels of cover from $2.95 to $15.22.
    • Ultimate - This is the most comprehensive combined Hospital and Essentials product available. It fully covers most hospital visits and 36 Essentials Services like dental, optical and remedial massage. This plan starts at $85.58.

There are five additional plans available for a variety of things. All these plans offer online quotes.

  • Travel Insurance - There are four travel plans available:
    • Budget - If you're after cheap Travel Insurance for destinations that are close to Australia. Coverage for up to $5,000 luggage and personal belongings cover on a single policy or $10,000 for family. 10% off when you purchase online.
    • Domestic - Cheap Travel Insurance for your trip within Australia or Tasmania. It provides cover up to $4,000 luggage and belongings on a single policy, $8,000 on a family. 10% off when you purchase online.
    • Gold
    • Super - This plan covers travel to the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Scandinavia, Singapore or South East Asia, with up to $10,000 luggage and belongings on a single policy, $20,000 on a family. 10% off when you purchase online.

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