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Who is Frank? That was the question that popped into my mind when I logged onto Frank Health Insurance. I thought this gave me a bit of humour as well as a personal touch to the Health Insurance products offered by this company and it is this reason why I decided to review them.

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Features and Coverage

After browsing through Frank's website, I have learnt that their business is conducted all online, meaning you will be able to manage your membership and update your details on the Internet. If you want to talk to someone, of course there is also a phone number available.

Frank Health Insurance currently offers three types of Hospital covers as well as two Extras covers. Let us have a look at them now.

  • Basic Hospital Insurance - First, you will be proud to know that there are several benefits that will be available on every single cover offered by Frank. They are accidents, cardiac surgery, intensive care, reconstruction of joints, medical gap, nursing home type patents, palliative care, rehab, psychiatric care, same day treatment, surgery implanted prostheses and theatre. However with a Basic Cover you will be given the extra of accommodation in a shared room within a public hospital.
  • Better Hospital Insurance - With this plan, you will get the usual coverage plus accommodation in a private room in a public or private hospital. The excess you will have to pay is $500 for singles and $1000 for couples and families.
  • Best Hospital Insurance - Besides the normal coverage, this policy will gives you to a list of extra benefits including cataract surgery, delivery suite, gastric banding, IVF, joint replacement, obstetric, renal dialysis and the Best Doctors Program. If you are someone that feels like you have a high risk of getting injured and wants to be insured financially, this would be the policy to take out.

Apart from the hospital covers, there are also some Extras that you can purchase to make your policy extra comprehensive, with two plans to choose from. You can expect to have services such as dental, ambulance subscription, implants, optical, physiotherapy, myotherapy, hydrotherapy, psychology and more.

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Frank Health Insurance
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