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Fast Cover Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 4.5/5


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Fast Cover Travel Insurance is a company that you can get low cost insurance policies without having your protection or covers compromised, which is good to hear as not everyone can afford expensive insurance, especially after they have just spent a fortune on their tickets and accommodations.

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Features and Coverage

The motto of Fast Cover is "Travel With Confidence" but does this live up to what Fast Cover offers in their travel insurance? In this review, we will see what this company offers and whether or not they are a good company to join.

There are four advantages for being with Fast Cover.

  • Medical Costs This means if you ever get sick or injured while you're on holidays, such as falling off the balcony of your hotel room for example, your Fast Cover policy will enable you to claim for medical costs. This may include transfer to a hospital and dentist, depending how you are hurt.
  • Delays and Cancellations We have all heard of terror stories of people stuck at airports because their flight got cancelled and then have to be forced to pay for extra nights in hotels while they wait for their flight to arrive. This can be costly; however Fast Cover will make sure that all these expenses will be covered for.
  • Fast and Easy Claims Rest assure that if trouble ever arises and you need to make a claim, you will be able to do so immediately. Generally, you will need to complete a claim form and include other things like medical accounts, proof of ownership, etc. There is also a number that you can call if you require assistance.
  • 24 Hour Medical Assistance This by far is the most important benefit and you should not purchase a policy if this is not included. Being able to get 24 hour medical help will be able to save your life if something goes wrong.

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