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Esanda Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 4.5/5


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Everyone who owns a car or vehicle would obviously hope to protect it and be free from future risks. Today while I was browsing the internet I came across Esandra Insurance and found out that they are owned by ANZ, one of the big banks in Australia. Knowing this, I instantly knew Esanda would be worthwhile reviewing.

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Coverage and Features

On Esanda Insurance's website, I saw that there are two types of insurance lines that are available: Personal and Business. In this review we will be looking at a few those products. After going through each of their products and seeing what the features and benefits included in each of them are, I was really amazed.

  • Loan Protection Insurance - Most of the time, it is very likely that you would have a loan in order to pay off your car. Loan repayments are usually made each month and in order to keep paying back the debt, you would have a job or some way of earning an income. But what happens if you suddenly become ill or even die? Have you ever wondered what will happen to the loan? If you have this fear, you will know that this cover offered by Esanda will be able to give you relief with terms between one and seven years.
  • Vehicle Extended Warranty Insurance - There are two types of covers for this; New Vehicle and Used Vehicle. In most cases when you purchase a car you may be given a period when warranty will be able to cover you for problems with the car, and from time to time this period isn't long enough. One thing I love about Esanda Insurance is the fact that they will able to let you get that extended time to be insured for extended warranty with different options to choose from, depending on your requirements.
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance - Or simply known as Car Insurance, you will be able to make claims on a number of things such as theft, personal effects and more. If you are caught in a total loss, you will be able to enjoy a new for old vehicle replacement.

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