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W. Clement Stone founded Combined Insurance in 1922. Starting in 1959, with an expansion into Australia, now nearly 50 years later, they've expanded offering products in 10 countries in addition to the United States. Combined Insurance is part of the ACE Group of Companies. W. Clement Stone's motto was "Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do."

One thing about their website that caught my eye and something I haven't seen anywhere else was the language selector. Right there at the top left corner of the website is a menu where you can select your language to view the site in.

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Features and Coverage

Combined is a different kind of insurance company. Instead of offering a wide range of insurances, they offer just two types, Accident & sickness. Most people insure their homes, their cars but forget about the most important item of all, themselves.

While insurances like major Medical or Life Insurance provide the bulk of benefits to your family after an illness, Accident and Sickness Insurance can be used to pay for unexpected out-of-pocket expenses or help with things like utility bills, rent, because the benefits are paid directly to you, you decide how they're spent.

Is Combined affordable? Some of their policies can be had for under $5 a month, depending on your age, type of policy and the amount of coverage you're eligible for. Consider the wages you'll lose if you're sick and can't work. Accident and Sickness insurance can help you with those costs. Combined asks; "The real question is - can you afford not to have it?"

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Combined Insurance
51 Berry Street
North Sydney

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