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Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 4.5/5


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Are you looking for a Travel Insurance company that you will be able to rely and lean on? If so, have you heard of Chi Insurance? I found out about them on a rating website and decided to have a look at what they offered. I learned that they provide policies for Australian residents as well as for those that are not, meaning anyone can be insured, which is great news. They are currently underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance.

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Coverage and Features

On Chi Insurance's website, I was able to get instant quotes as well as learn about how to make claims. Another thing that I found to be very useful was the fact a list of travel information and news were visible, which is a great way to give their customers a good eye about what is going on around the world that may affect them. They currently have two main plans to choose from when you take out a policy:

  • Traditional Plans - There are actually six different plans under this category; Comprehensive, Australia Only, Medical & Liability, Frequent Traveller, Non Residents and Non-Medical Cover. After going through their brochure, these plans includes all the standard protection that one may need when they are travelling, such as cancellation fees, additional expenses, loss of income, travel delays and liabilities.
  • Basic Plans - In this plan, it is similar to the Traditional Plans except there are some restrictions and exclusions that you won't be able to enjoy. Basically, this plan is made for people that are under a tight budget and only wants to be protected against the more essential things. Five different plans are available; Basic International, Basic Australia Only, Basic Frequent Traveller, Basic Non Residents, and Basic Non-Medical Cover. The one you choose will ultimately depend on how much you want to spend and what you are seeking in your policy.

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