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Budget Direct Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 5/5


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Budget Direct Insurance is a big and famous insurance company that I am sure you have seen either being featured on TV, on posters on the train, bus, billboards, and even online. I have heard many of my friends give exceptional feedbacks regarding them for the amount of benefits the company provide, and I have witnessed with my own eyes that it is true.

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Features and Coverage

Budget Direct offers Car Insurance, Home and Contents Insurance, Travel Insurance, NSW CTP Greenslip, Life Insurance, Pet Insurance, and Roadside Assistance. With so many different types, I will give a general review for each of them.

There are four options you can choose for your Car Insurance:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance - There are two types of comprehensive covers: Gold and Standard. They both basically offer the same things however with different limits. For example, a Standard cover includes $100 per day for emergency transport but only up to $300. A Gold cover also allows $100 but up to $850 total. In my opinion, if you can afford it, defiantly go for Gold, but if not, Standard is just as good too.

    It should be noted that a few things only the Gold Comprehensive includes but Standard does not. Some of them are debris removal, death $5,000 benefits, and $1,000 cover for replacing keys and remotes.

  • Third Party Car Insurance - This provides protection if your vehicle caused damages to someone else's property. There are two type of Third Party cover: Standard, and one that includes fire and theft. The Fire and Theft policy includes additional features such as hired vehicles. However both plans include a lifetime guarantee on repairs, $3,000 cover for uninsured motorists extension, lump sum, and access to an after-hours claims helpline.
  • NSW CTP Greenslip
  • Roadside Assistance

In their Home and Contents Insurance policies, you will be able to be protected in a range of events such as storm, rainwater, theft, lightning, earthquake, and fire. Temporary accommodations are offered. Up to $20,000,000 in legal liability can be claimed. If you have a credit card, you will be pleased to know that up to $1000 can be protected.

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Phone Number: 1300 306 560

Level 6 Toowong Tower
9 Sherwood Road,
Toowong, QLD, 4066

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