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BT Insurance is something I am sure that a lot of people have heard about, probably because of their television commercials. Basically they started in 1969 and have now helped many Australians get financial benefits in investments and superannuation. In this review, we will be looking at their insurance products.

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Coverage and Features

The first step to see all the information about BT Insurance is by clicking on the Insurance link at the top of their website, beside the logo. It came to terms to me that their insurance products are listed under the heading of BT Protection Plans. I looked through several of the covers and these are some things I discovered.

  • Term Life Insurance - People can die or suffer a terminal illness anytime without any warning. Have you ever thought about what would happen to the people close to if this suddenly happened? One way to give them a peace of mind is by taking out this policy. Basically what you will get is having a certain period, hence the word term' where your life will be insured.
  • Income Protection - We all have to go on with our businesses each day to earn an income so that we can pay our mortgages, loans and other expenses. If you suddenly become unable to work due to a sickness, this cover will be able to help relieve some stress.
  • Total and Permanent Disablement Insurance - By getting TPD Insurance, you can make sure that you will still get some money when you become so ill that you are unlikely to work again. According to BT Insurance's website, claims are easy to make and the cover is guaranteed to be continued.
  • Living Insurance - This is another word for Trauma or Critical Illness Insurance. From time to time you may suffer from something out of the blue that can leave you useless. In times like this, it is when you need a policy to help give you financial peace of mind so that you can concentrate on recovering.

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