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To all our Queenslanders friends, I am sure that you have heard of BOQ Insurance before. As you know, Bank of Queensland is a highly reputable company that many people have chosen to do their banking needs with, but have you ever considered taking out an insurance policy with them? If you have not or are thinking of doing so, you will surely to find this review interesting.

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BOQ Insurance comes under the Personal Banking link on the Bank of Queensland's website and ranges from a variety of insurance options that will be able to protect you from a number of risks and loss. Policies range from Commercial Insurance, Credit Protection and even Landlord Insurance. Now we will have a look at a handful of them.

Features and Coverage

  • Life Insurance - Take this seriously because your life is the most valuable asset you have, and have you ever wondered what will happen if you suddenly passed away? Will your family afford to pay all your expenses related to your death? How much burden will they be forced to carry? One way to give them a peace of mind is by taking out this policy. You will be able to make a claim on a lump sum of money up to $500,000 that can cover for things like funerals. The best thing about this plan is the fact that there are no medical examinations to takes.
  • Travel Insurance - Going away? Without being properly insured, your vacation to paradise may be one leading directly to hell. This is why many people have chosen to take out Travel Insurance from BOQ. Some of the features included in your policy includes unlimited amount of cancelled travel and accommodation expenses in which you can make a claim for, as well getting paid while you are in an overseas hospital. Other coverage includes accidental death, personal liability and delayed baggage. It does not matter if you are travelling internationally or domestically, being insured is highly recommended.
  • Home and Contents Insurance - Depending on how much you want to be protected against and the home you live in, there are two plans for you to take out; Vero Home Elite and Vero Home Extras. Basically, the Elite cover offers the most comprehensive benefits. Some of the things you will be able to be protected against are flood, accidental loss or damage to your contents, and more.
  • Motor Insurance - Looking for a Car Insurance policy? BOQ Insurance may have the thing you are looking for. Things included in your policy are being able to choosing who repairs your vehicle, taxi fares, baby capsule, death benefits, and more.

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