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Bankmecu Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

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Bankmecu is a unique bank because it is owned by its customers and is claimed to be the first of its type within Australia. They started out since 2003 and have been gaining a growing number of new members ever since. In this review we will be only be dealing with Bankmecu Insurance and the things that you will be able to claim.

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The link to their insurance products is located at the top of Bankmenu Insurance's website at the middle of the horizon. I was really amazed at all the things that can be taken out, from things like Loan Cover, Landlord Insurance, to even Caravan, Trailer and Motorcycle Insurance. We will now have a look at a few of them.

Covers and Policies

  • Health Insurance - What I found out after looking through their pages is that their health cover is actually offered by GMGBA. Did you know they are the 4th largest private health fund within the state of Victoria? They have more than 75 years of experience and offers great covers for you to choose from such as Hospital Cover, Extras Cover and Combined Health Cover.
  • Travel Insurance - Make sure you find a policy that suits your needs before you go away on your vacation. In this plan by Bankmecu Insurance, it should be noted that it is offered by Allianz. A number of different plans are available to be chosen from such as Comprehensive, Australia Only, Budget and Frequent Traveller Cover. Benefits include things like emergency medical and evacuation, delays and more.
  • Car Insurance - To all those people that is driving a car, you would know the importance of having your vehicle insured. First thing first, I saw on Bankmecu's website that if you purchase your policy online you will be able to save up to 10% off. Things you will be able to make a claim on includes accidental loss and damage, legal liability, rental car and many more.
  • Home and Contents Insurance - Owning a house can cost a lot of money while attracting a great deal of risks. One way to make sure you can get a peace of mind on your building and the contents inside it is to take out this policy. Several discounts are available such as No Claim Bonus, if your policy is purchased online and more.

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