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Australian Unity Insurance Reviews

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Rating: 5/5


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Australian Unity Insurance is a national healthcare, financial services and retirement living organisation providing services to more than 560,000 Australians. 10,000 of whom who have been insured for over 50 years! That kind of longevity is a great sign.

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The first thing I though upon arriving at this site was: wow! The number of products and services they offer is almost unbelievable: Health Insurance, Preventative and Dental Health, Home and Contents, Car, Landlord, and Travel. In addition to all that, they offer Financial Advice, Investments, and even provide information on retirement living!

It was a bit overwhelming. The site offers assistance, but it's not immediate. You can send an email and ask someone to contact you. Aside from Sunday, they promise to make an effort to get to you within 24 hours. However, I didn't have 24 hours. I preferred to find more info now, so I was on my own to navigate the site.

Covers Offered

I started with the Health Insurance section. Immediately I saw a number of awards for customer service and innovation excellence. That was a great sign. I was pleased to be able to run an instant quote. I answered 4 questions from a drop down box and got 5 quotes with different levels of cover. There was an option to purchase immediately, find out more, or refine the quote. That was great, but I still needed to know why I should purchase through their company as opposed to the many others in Australia. I found they offer:

  • Free access to Wellplan Online, a health and wellness service that provides tools and information to help you maintain the best health possible
  • Their Extras Cover provides selected preventative dental services at no out-of-pocket cost
  • Children can remain covered under a family policy until age 23 or 25 if they're studying or doing an apprenticeship
  • There's no waiting period, so you can take advantage of benefits immediately
  • You can receive a $100 voucher for referring friends and family to Australian Unity

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Website Address:

Email Address: N/A

Phone Number: 13 29 39

114 Albert Road
South Melbourne, VIC

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