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Australia Post Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 4.5/5


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Australia Post Insurance was a surprise to me. I never knew Australia's postal service would have an insurance branch to provide Travel Insurance and Car Insurance. I browsed through their website, first for curiosity, but after reading through a few pages I decided it was time for me to write, yet another review.

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The first thing I came across on their homepage is the statements that Australia Post Insurance offers: affordable premiums for great value, help when you need it, and protection that you will be able to trust. Everything, from getting a cover to making a claim is fast and simple.

I first looked into their Travel Insurance policies.

According to their benefits, you could enjoy the coverage if your travel plans are rescheduled or delayed due to disruption, strikes, weathering, volcanic ash clouds, and other disasters of this nature. Depending on the plan you purchase, other protection may also be applied.

There are three types of plans can be choose from:

  • International Comprehensive Plan- A great cover if you love to travel around the globe. Benefits and limits are the highest such as up to $10,000 worth of insolvency, unlimited medical and dental costs, additional expenses, and cancellation. For your personal loss and damages, you can expect to be able to claim up to around $7,500. Other issues like loss of income, disability, and accidental death can be claimed up to $25,000.

    With this package, you can be sure that your trip will be well guarded. All the necessary and essential protection are present, and you can be sure that the limits you are given are more than enough.

  • International Basic Plan - This is a lighter version of the comprehensive plan. You are only given unlimited overseas medical and dental, and additional expense. The limits you get for disability and accidental is around half of what the International Comprehensive Plan offers.
  • Domestic Plan - This is suitable if you only travel within Australia. It is very similar to the comprehensive plan, except the limits are around halved. There are also some small things that are excluded, such as delayed luggage, getting your money stolen, hospital cover, and loss of income.

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