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Ansvar Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

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Ansvar Insurance is a unique insurance company that I discovered while looking for an insurer that offered insurance for faith organisations and charity groups. I did a quick search on the Internet and Ansvar was disclosed to me as one of the leading companies. I browsed through the website, surprised with everything they offered, and decided to write a review about them.

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The Covers

Not only did they offer policies to look after communities, I soon realised that they also offered a wide range of Personal Insurance for families and individuals. They include Home and Contents Insurance, Car Insurance, and Boat Insurance. At first glimpse at the type of protection included in their policies, I was pretty much impressed.

I wanted some background information about the firm so I checked out their About Us page. According to it, it is stated that they are owned by Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc, UK, and has been operating in Australia for more than 50 years. They are APRA authorised and licensed by ASIC. With this in mind, I knew I will be able to trust this firm.

For their Home Insurance, there are two types of plans that you will be able to choose from, HomeCover and MaxiCover. HomeCover is the most basic plan, and MaxiCover offers the most protection and benefits. However some features and benefits are the same between both plans.

For example, protection against artworks, antiques, computer hardware, car accessories, flood, credit and debit cards, and loss of rent have the same limits between the two plans.

The rest, such as jewellery, business items, stocks, bicycles, spoiled food, trees, death compensation, and accidental damage will have higher limits on the MaxiCover.

I found the coverage pretty reasonable and anyone with a decent income should be able to afford it. Depending on your need, I think HomeCover to be a fine plan to choose if you can't afford MaxiCover.

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Phone Number: 1800 729 513

Ansvar House
Level 12, 432 St Kilda Road

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