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AMP Insurance, which originally stood for Australian Mutual Provident Society, has been around for over 160 years being founded in 1849. AMP has merged with AXA and they decided they needed a new logo. On the top of their page you will see their new logo. The AMP Spark, with help from their customers was born. The spark represents endless possibilities.

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AMP offers a really extensive range of financial and insurance products, both personal and business. So, let's explore a few of their products starting with insurance.


Asset Protection - Things happen in life, like natural disasters, fire, theft and accidents. You spent your hard earned money on these items and need to protect them.

  • Home and Contents Insurance:
    • AMP Classic - Classic cover is designed for anyone 54 or younger who rents or owns a home. You are covered for floods, new for old replacement on your home and contents, temporary accommodations, guest's belongings and up to $1,500 if your credit cards are stolen from your home.
    • AMP Platinum - Platinum cover is for you if the value of your home is above $500,000 and your contents are worth more than $120,000. You have higher limits on things like works of art, lifetime repair guarantees, up to 12 month temporary accommodations and access to a dedicated 1-800 number for claims.
    • AMP 55UP - If you're 55 or older this is for you. You receive a 10% discount and a 6% discount if you have a senior's card. They also give you access to AMP Home Assist for property maintenance assistance, legal and medical advice. You also get Cost to replace important documents up to $500 and cover for grandchildren's contents up to $2,000.
    • AMP Investor - This plan is for those who own investment or rental property. You are covered up to 12 months rental loss if your property is so damaged that it can't be rented out. You are also covered up to $5,000 in legal costs when trying to recover unpaid rent. AMP provides up to $20 million in liability protection to you.

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