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AIA Insurance Reviews

Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

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I actually learned about AIA Insurance while browsing through a comparison website and saw that they were one of the companies that can have their policies compared. After going onto AIA's website, the things I found out about them were pretty amazing. They are a company that provides financial protection and security, and offers insurance as one of their many products.

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Covers and Policies

The AIA Insurance website is easy to navigate and depending on what type of insurance product you are looking for, you will be able to find them under the Individuals and the Our Partners link. Here is some information I found out:

  • Life Insurance - This is one of AIA Insurance's main service. Everyone knows that your life is the most worthwhile and important asset, and once you pass away, several expenses may arise. You don't want your loved ones and families to be caught in a stress of emotions after you've died, so getting an insurance policy is a great way to ensure they be able to get a peace of mind. There are three levels to choose form; Life Cover Benefit, Term Cover Benefit and Accidental Death Benefit.
  • Income Protection - A lot of us are blessed to be able to earn money and with this, we can have our homes and cars. But things may not be this way forever and sooner or later, you may be caught in a bad situation where you won't be able to work. This is when Income Protection comes along. AIA Insurance will be able to let you claim the income you should have earned before you became injured or whatever reason you can no longer work.
  • Funeral Protection - This is an insurance plan that gives you an amount of money when you die that can help with the cost of your funeral. According to their website, some of the benefits included are being able to have the first three months covered for free, get 24 hours worldwide protection, guaranteed to be accepted if you are between 17 and 80 years old if you meet their criteria and more. Cover ranges from $5,000 to $30,000.

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