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AFS-PetMed Insurance Reviews

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AFS-PetMed underwritten by The Hollard Insurance and administered by PetSure (Australia) and was started in 2009.

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Why do we need pet insurance? Owning a pet can be a wonderful experience. Pets are known to reduce stress, provide children with a sense of responsibility and they offer a therapeutic type of friendship to older owners. But with that comes the responsibility to feed and care for them. In the event of sickness or accident they deserve to receive the same care as any other family member. The trouble is the cost of this care can be expensive. That's where AFS PetMed comes along.

Accidents or illness can strike at any time. AFS PetMed says statistics show that 2 out of 3 pets need to see the vet every year. They also state that 66% of all vet visits are listed as "sudden illness". Pet Insurance seems to be a sensible thing to do if you care about your pet and still want to save some money on vet bills.

AFS PetMed provides three types of Pet Insurance.

  • Accidental Injury Cover - This is listed as Plan A. It covers most accident and surgical related costs. It does not cover any illness or preexisting conditions. Hereditary conditions are covered if they did not present symptoms at time of coverage. The maximum coverage for this plan is $7,500 injury annually.
  • Accident and Illness Cover - This is listed as Plan B. It covers all the same items as Plan A but, adds illness coverage. It carries the same preexisting and hereditary conditions as Plan A. The maximum coverage for this plan is $7,500 injury annually plus $6,000 for Illness.
  • Accident Injury & Illness Cover and Routine Care - This is listed as Plan B + option 1. It covers everything listed in Plan B but with the addition of a $50 routine care benefit. Benefits such as; teeth cleaning, desexing, alternative therapies, plus annual discount on several other treatments. The maximum coverage for this plan is $7,500 injury annually plus $6,000 for Illness and $50 for routine care.

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