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Reviewed by: Insurance Onus

Rating: 4.5/5

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In my opinion, all the features in this cover should be enough if you are travelling within Australia.
  • Multi Trip - This plan is for people that tends to travel on multi trips, either domestic or international. The coverage for them is exactly the same as the Overseas and Domestic plans.
  • Visitors - If you are an Australia visitor, this plan would be for you. It is a mixture of the Overseas and Domestic plans, however there are some excess of up to $100 to pay.
  • Ski - Pretty much like the Overseas plan, however there are extra coverage for ski related loss and damages. Unlimited emergency is included, with up to $3,000 worth of claims to be made for hiring snow skiing equipment, $1,500 for ski packs, $2,000 for piste closure, and $1,500 for bad weather closure.
  • Corporate - Only one person can be covered in this plan. Up to $100,000 can be claimed on cancellation fees, $10,000,000 on emergency assistance and personal liability, $6,000 worth of hospital cash allowance, $2,500 on business documents, $1,000,000 for workers compensation, and more.
  • This plan was created for people that need to go on business travels. It covers most of the things a likely businessman would need.

    Besides the benefits listed above, I discovered there are some extra promotions that you and other policyholders can take advantage of. This includes getting a free Footprints travel guide, a free $20 iTune gift voucher, and a free neck pillow.

    To sum it up, 1Cover is one of the best choices out there for insurance if you are looking for something affordable while getting the same high quality of protection. More and more people are switching to buying their policies online to save money, which 1Cover offers. The reward for doing so can save you heaps.


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    Phone Number: 1300 192 021

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