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Just Car Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies that specialises in insuring young drivers. We all know that young drivers, including myself, can get a bit reckless on the road sometimes, making mistakes here and there. A little alcohol and too much energy onto the accelerator can easily result in a fine, maybe a court hearing, and a damaged history. With that, many Car Insurance companies may turn you down if you try applying for their insurance services.

But not with Just Car Insurance.

Browsing through their website and learning more about the firm, they stated that they see things differently from "normal" Car Insurance companies. They actually care about you, and understand your need. No past mistakes or bad driving history will be able to affect you from being accepted.

So that really got me interested, and I dug deeper into exploring their services.

The Covers

There are currently three types of insurance covers available for you to choose from.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance - An extensive coverage that will protect your car from getting or inflicting damages up to $20,000,000. You can be assured that you will be guaranteed to get repairs for life.

    Something that really got me intrigued is the option to choose something known as "Ad-JUST", which is basically an option that let you save up to 30% of your premium if you agree to pay more for your excess when it is time for you to make a claim.

    I think this scheme is an excellent way to award safe drivers. No claims mean cheaper costs. What gets better than that?

  • Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance - With this plan, you will be covered from damages caused by your car to other people's car or property. Up to $3,000 worth of damages can also be claimed if damages caused to your car was by an uninsured driver.

    The best thing that I love about this plan is that Just Car allows unlimited legal modification to your car. So no matter how much you change your car, as long as it is allowed, you can still be covered.

  • Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance Fire and Theft - If you can't afford Comprehensive Car Insurance and getting Third Party Property Damage isn't enough, you can simply upgrade your Third Party Property Car Insurance and be protected against fire and theft too.

    It is pretty easy to see that car theft and fires are currently some of the highest causes of losses to a driver's asset. In my opinion, I think this plan is truly recommendable!

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Phone Number: 1300 467 872


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