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Progressive Auto Insurance – The Finest Option to Protect Your Car

Auto insurance is becoming a very essential form of protection. In many parts of the world it’s compulsory. More and more people are recognizing the importance of being protected while they’re on the move, whatever excellent t-rex-parts they did not have

Progressive auto insurance is one of the most renowned auto insurance companies in the country. Besides being one of the most renowned; they are also one of the most dependable sources of protection for your car needs. Essentially their auto insurance addresses three main aspects; property damage, liability and medical coverage.


Progressive auto insurance is one of the companies which bravely experiments with new things, such as the contemporary form of automobile protection; the pay-by-the-mile insurance. This insurance plan is where drivers pay their insurance by the mile, compared to the traditional method of a flat expense. At one time, people pay the equal amount for their insurance regardless how much they drive, but now under this novel plan which is being carried out in states like southern California, are very helpful in a lot of ways. Cost of the insurance is counted on a per mile basis.

Even so why is there a demand for such insurance? The government, which assists this auto insurance agency, says this would assist the drivers to be more economical, and also this method would cut down global warming in general.

Common Coverage

Progressive auto insurance specializes in all three forms of insurance coverage; especially liability and physical damage or medical coverage. And the auto insurance provided here would be available for all kinds of vehicles; ranging from two-wheelers, small vehicles, commercial vehicles, taxis, vehicles by small businesses and in the trucking industry, and many more.


In essence it’s very simple to buy; you can contact a physical office, a toll-free phone number or as an alternative, get an online auto quote from Progressive auto insurance. Not only do they give you their quote, they also supply you with a quote from around three other leading insurance companies.

This saves you the time and hassle to go shopping from one place to another, or even filling in similar forms repeatedly on different sites. You need to enter your information on one site and get around four quotes pretty promptly. Sometimes, Progressive is the lowest, and at other times, it is not. The beauty of this arrangement is that you can then select for yourself rather than having a broker sell you a policy where he gets the greatest commission!

The Reason Why Bingle Insurance Is So Cheap

A price comparison table found on Bingle’s website

Slowly as Australians look for new ways to save money, the insurance sector is also struggling with their traditional business sales. New innovative ways had to be introduced to keep up with technology as well as the cost customers are willing to pay.

Many people have wondered why Bingle is such a cheap insurer and the reason to why they are so popular. First of all, they are owned by Suncorp. For those that have a bit of knowledge behind Suncorp, you would know that they are one of the biggest financial companies in Australia. Being able to take on them for your insurance needs can definitely give a peace of mind knowing that they will have good back up. No doubt this is one factor that has contributed to their popularity.

But the further step that Suncorp had taken is by letting Bingle be a pure online insurer. This means overhead expenses like branches, buildings, some documents and utilities can be wiped from their expenditures, leading to lower quotes to the customer. And because there is an internet website for customers to manage their own policies, there is no need to have staff process a majority of forms.

Doing a bit of research it is stated on their website that a quote starts at only $1.55 a day. This gave a price that was almost half price compared to other insurers like Coles, NRMA, Allianz and Budget Direct.

Other than that, another bonus that Bingle offers is rewarding claim-free drivers. This means for those that have not made any claims will be able to enjoy further discounts on their premiums.

For more information about Bingle, please check out our Bingle Insurance review where you can read further information about the types of policies they offer.

How To Check You Have the Right Insurance Cover

If you’re a safe driver with a good, no claims history, then paying for car insurance can seem like a complete waste of money. After all, you’re not actually getting anything in return for all your hard earned cash are you?

However, as anyone who has ever been involved in a car accident will tell you, the importance of having the right insurance policy with a good insurance provider should not be underestimated. If and when you do need them, knowing you will be well looked after and protected provides peace of mind and can help turn a terrible situation into something more positive and bearable. In that case, a good policy is priceless.

But how do you know what cover you need and what other information should you be aware of to make sure you are getting the very best deal?  Car insurance from Captain Compare, or another online car insurance comparison site helps to take some of the legwork out of searching for good deals, but you need to know what you’re looking for in the first place.

Here is our guide to the various different types of car insurance that should help you make the right choice:

Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP)

Compulsory Third Party Insurance (or Greenslip as it’s better known as in NSW) is the very minimum insurance cover you can legally have and it applies to all states in Australia. It protects vehicle owners and drivers who are legally liable for personal injuries caused to:

  • Your passengers
  • Other road users such as; drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists

It also covers you for injury caused through the use of a trailer.

In most states CTP is included when you register your vehicle.  However, in QLD and NSW you have the option of choosing your insurance provider.

CTP does NOT cover you for any damage to your vehicle or anyone else’s vehicle.  Damage to property is also excluded from this type of policy.

Third Party Property Damage

Typically, this will be the most inexpensive type of cover you can buy, and is the minimum non-compulsory policy after CTP.

It will cover you in the event of damage caused by your vehicle to other people’s vehicle or property.

Third Party Fire and Theft

In addition to all the cover provided by Third Party Property Damage, this type of policy also covers you against theft or fire damage to your car. A maximum level of cover will usually apply, so check the small print for details.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This is an insurance providers highest level of cover, and will offer you the most features and benefits of any policy.  Comprehensive cover covers the cost of repairing damage to both your vehicle and others, in addition to protecting you against theft or loss.

Additional benefits usually include a hire vehicle, towing after an accident, emergency repairs, and much more.  Carefully check what each insurer is offering you, and decide what would be of most benefit if the worst were to happen. Although it is important to find a good deal, it’s more important to choose the policy with the best cover for your money. Cheap isn’t always cheerful!